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Agility Trial Pictures

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What is a Title?

Not just a brag, not just a stepping stone to a higher title, not just an adjunct to competitive scores, a title is a tribute to the dog that bears it, a way to honor the dog, an ultimate memorial. It will remain in the record and in the memory, for about as long as anything in the world can remain. And though the dog herself doesn't know or care that her achievements have been noted, a title says many things in the world of humans where such things count.A title says your dog was intelligent, adaptable, and good natured. It says that your dog loved you enough to do the things that pleased you, however crazy they may have sometimes seemed. In addition, a title says that you loved your dog. That you loved to spend time with her because she was a good dog and that you believed in her enough to give her yet another chance when she failed and in the end your faith was justified.A title proves that your dog inspired you to that special relationship enjoyed by so few, that in a world of disposable creatures, this dog with a title was greatly loved, and loved greatly in return. And when that dear short life is over, the title remains as a memorial of the finest kind, the best you can give to a deserving friend. Volumes of praise in one small set of initials after the name. An obedience, agility, flyball, herding, etc. title is nothing less than true love and respect, given and received and recorded permanently.

--Author unknown.


I am in competition with no one. I run my own race. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone in any way, shape or form. I just aim to improve and be better than I was before. That's me...and I am FREE"

--Author unknown

Sharee Muench and PAX Birdie 

Sharee and Birdie began training with us in agility in 2007. They entered their first trials in AKC and CPE this year, 2009. They have been very successful. In addition to many first place ribbons Sharee and Birdie now have two CPE titles and their AKC Novice Standard and Open Jumpers titles!
In 2012 Sharee and Birdie were invited to the Eukanuba Agility Invitationals in Florida! In 2016 they earned their PAX!  Congratulations to Sharee and Birdie!

Christine Lamano and Freddie (MACH Christmas' Bohemian Rhapsady CGC)

 Christine entered Freddie in his first agility trial in Fletcher in May 2011 with no expectations other than to play with her dog. They only entered FAST for one day and Freddie slammed it!  He was bold, accurate and had a blast. They have since gone on to ace just about every course that they try. In June of 2016 Christine and Freddie earned their MACH! Congratulations!!!!!!!

Jim Saxon and PACH Jake (Thornhill's Risky River NAP NJP NFP MX MXJ)

Jim began agility with us by taking private lessons. Jake was a very willing student and learned quite quickly. They advanced through the basics and were performing advanced techniques in just a few months. After a short time training, Jim entered a match to see how Jake would do in a different environment. Jake excelled, so in December of 2011, they began their agility career. In Novermber 2014 Jim and Jake competed in the UKI National Agility trial and won the 20" class! In 2016 Jim and Jake earned their Preferred Agility Championship! Awesome job!  Congratulations!
Toni Moody and Reese (MACH Reese Lightning OAF) 
Tony acquired Reese as an older puppy and began training him in agility almost immediately. Reese was a natural. He advanced in his training quickly and began trialing in late 2011. In May 2015, Toni and Reese earned their MACH!!  Congratulations!
Stephan Moody and MACH Jack

After retiring Kaleb, Stephan started the hunt for a new agility dog. He interviewed many perspective applicants before accepting Jack into their home. Jack came to live with Steph and Tony in 2012. His agility training began almost immediately. Steph wasted no time with this boy! In October 2013 Jack earned his first queue in AKC Novice Jumpers and a first place to boot! only a year later they earned their championship title, MACH! Congratulations!

Emma Metzger and Will (Ch MACH3 Shoreland Wingmender)

Emma and Will began running together in 2011. Will was a seasoned agility dog so he was perfect for Emma. He taught her many things about distance and timing. In 2015 they earned Will's MACH 3.  Emma is the youngest member of DogHaven to have earned an agility championship title! Will is now in retirement and enjoying every moment. Congratulations to this awesome team!
Julia Hahn and MACH Jersey
 (MACH Ambika's No Place Like Home CDX RN JH CCA VCX TDI

Julie and Jersey moved to the carolinas from New Jersey in 2012 and started training with us soon thereafter. Jersey had already earned his novice titles, so we began developing his skills for the challenges that come with Open and Excellent courses. In 2014 Julie and Jersey earned their MACH! How awesome! Congratulations!
Julie lost Jersy in August of 2016.  We will miss him!
Ken Finch and Joy (MACH PACH Jumpin for Joy OF)
After training with us for about a year, Ken and Joy entered their first AKC agility trial in Concord, 2009, and came home with a qualification leg in Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard and two placement ribbons! 2010 brought more titles with an excellent jumpers title and open standard and fast titles. 2011- their Masters titles!! In October 2013 Ken and Joy earned their MACH!!!!!  And November 2015 they have their PACH!!!  Congratulations! 
James and Kristen Davis and MACH Harley OF PD2 PJ3
James and Kristen started training with us in 2006 and are competing in USDAA! Harley is being run by both James and Kristen and is doing very well. Harley is a consistent performer who is usually in the ribbons every time she runs! In 2010 AKC began accepting mixed breeds into competition so Harley began her AKC career. She progressed quickly having to start over in Novice again. In March 2013 James and Harley earned their MACH!! Congratulations!
Katie Flatt and MACH2 Callie 
Katie and Callie began training in 2007 with DogHaven and have progressed quite quickly. They entered the November NADAC trial also and received two first place ribbons and a second place along with a qualifying run! Since then Katie ran Callie in an AKC trial and earned her Novice Standard title, two novice jumpers legs and EIGHT first place ribbons! In 2012 Callie earned her MACH on November 17th! Congratulations Katie and Callie in earning our first DogHaven MACH (2012) and her second MACH in 2014!!  Callie is DogHaven's first MACH2 dog!!
MaryLou Kuklentz and McTavish McGreggor OA OAJ NAF RL2 CW-ZR1A P4p

McTavish came to live with MaryLou from Scottie Rescue. He was a sweetie from the beginning. Mic has excelled in agility, obedience and therapy work. He is such a joy to work with and has an awesome future!



 MaryLou has taken one of the biggest challenges in running a terrier in agility! They started training with us in 2005 and as of 2013 they have earned their AKC Excellent titles and a Championship in CPE! This championship requires 120 queues in several classes. Congratulations Maddie and Marylou!!!



Laura Morefield and Carly OA OAJ

In 2011 Laura wasn't looking for another dog. We, Karl and I, had a couple stop into one of our agility classes inquiring about training for the out of control cattle dog that they had just gotten from a shelter. We talked with them and in about a week they gave us a call. They wanted to know if we could find this girl a home. Immediately we thought of Laura. Laura has had experience with Cattle Dogs and currently didn't have an agility dog. She was a perfect home for this girl. After a little convincing, Laura decided to take her. Carly was a project. She had many habits and learned behaviors that Laura had to address. With much patience and love, Laura and Carly worked through each one. Carly is a very driven girl with a big attitude, perfect for agility. So they began training. In fall of 2014 Laura and Carly entered their first real trial together and did great. Carly runs at the speed of light. Don't blink, you will miss her.  They will be a team that is hard to beat. Good luck girls! We will be following your progress!

Margaret Wilson and Cooper OA OAJ

Margaret found Cooper wandering near her house. He had no family and was alone. Margaret took him in and intended to find him a home. Little did she know that he was home!  Soon thereafter they began coming to agility classes. In 2014, they entered their first trial and Cooper did very well. In February 2015 they earned their novice titles in standard and jumpers! Congratulations!
Liza Short and Gypsy NA NAJ

In 2013 Liza's son aquired a Border Collie that had been found wandering on the streets. As mothers do, Liza began to keep Gypsy on occasion to help her son with her care. Liza saw Gypsy's attentiveness and drive to work, so in the fall of 2013 Liza thought she would try her in agility. Gypsy really liked agility and enjoyed her time with Liza training at home. They progressed as a team and in 2014 entered a few matches and then their first trial in the fall. They did very well! Gypsy, the cinderella girl,  is now in her forever home with Liza and will be making apperances at the local trials in 2015!
Alison Caverly and Oliver NA NAJ

Alison and Oliver began training in agility just for fun. Oliver really seemed to like it, so Alison decided to keep training in hopes of competing one day. Alison had competed in the horse world so was very familiar with shows and trialing. After a little over a year, Alison entered a match to see how Oliver would do. He did great. He was focused and responded to her direction. Soo, the next step was to enter a trial. They qualifed in their first run and have contiued to have great success. Alison and Oliver are now competing at the AKC Open level. Unfortunately for us, Alison and Oliver are moving to Raleigh soon. We will miss them both and wish them success in the future.
June Evans and North (Clanshaw True North OA OAJ OAP OJP OFP)

June's newest boy, North, has been a dream come true. This boy wants to run! They began training when North was 6 months old and took it slow. As he matured, June entered him in matches and then in AKC Fast. North queued every time out! He now has his Novice Fast title and has placed in every run! North is confident and fast and will be a lot of fun. June has a great boy. Congratulations!
Christine Lamano and Bella (Christmas' Annabella Rose NAP NAJ NF RN CGC)

Christine and Bella have tried a few sports including agility, herding and tri-ball. Bella started agility a few years ago and earned two queues in AKC Jumpers with Weaves and then they took a break. In March of 2013, Christine thought she would run Bella again at the Charlotte trials. Bella queued! This third leg completed her novice title in Jumpers. Congratulations! Now for Standard!

Piper Novick with Scout NAJ and Happy AX AXJ

Piper is a very determined young lady. She decided that she wanted to do agility with her dogs Happy and Scout so she had her dad build agility equipment and she started to train them in her backyard. In 2011 Piper decided to give DogHaven a call to set up some private training. We worked with both Happy and Scout to polish their training. In 2012 Piper entered both dogs in a few ACK trials and has queued with both dogs! Scout has his Novice Jumpers title and Happy has his Open standard and Open jumpers titles! Congratulations to Piper and her boys!

Kim Nordin and Nala  (RAE Ludwick's Bianca Von Drea NAP NJP UAG1)

Kim and Nala started training in agility in 2010.  They worked hard and it paid off. In December 2012 they entered their first AKC trial and qualified in Standard earning a second place ribbon! This is just the beginning for Kim and Nala. I am sure we will see more from both of them. Congratulations!
Lynn Mitro and Kona OA OAJ  MXP MJP OF

Lynn acquired Kona from German Shorthair Rescue two years ago. She was very underweight and so stressed that she could not be still. Lynn took her time working with Kona on obedience and then later agility. Kona was a crazy girl on the agility field. She could lap the field faster than any dog I had ever seen. Still, Lynn stuck with it and helped Kona settle and learn to trust her. Kona and Lynn are now trialing in AKC, CPE and NADAC.  They have earned legs toward titles in all three venues and a title in AKC Novice Fast. Congratulations Lynn and Kona!
Lynn Mitro and Clem (CH RAE Eagle River Oh My Darling "Clementine"  BN CD CGC JH AX MXJ OF NFP VCA)
Lynn and Clem are a very busy team. As you can see by her titles, she is a very accomplished girl. To Clem, agility means speed, speed and more speed. She is very fast and really loves jumpers. She got her AKC Excellent Jumpers title very quickly and is well on her way to her Masters title. Standard is not her thing. It is way too slow. There is no reason to stop, is there?  Congratulations to both of you on all of your accomplishments. We can't wait to see what you will do next!

Gail Ford and Reese Evan OA OAJ

Gail has wanted an agility dog for as long as I can remember. After giving a few select dogs a chance to join her in this sport, Reese Evan stepped up and took the challenge. Reese loves to run and jump. He has only been in a couple of trials and already earned his AKC Novice Jumpers title! In Concord, he queued 3 out of 4 runs with two firsts and one second! Gail and Reese are off to a great start. Congratulations!
Clair Welbourne, MacDougal the Red TBAD, TG1, TIAD, TG2, TSAD, TG3 and
 Padraig Stinkypants CGC, TBAD, TG1, TIAD, TG2, TSAD, TG3

Clair moved to NC in 2009 and began training with us soon thereafter. They moved here from an area where TDAA (Teacup Agility) is very popular, so she and her Boston boys began competing there. Teacup is for dogs 16" and under and the courses are smaller making challenges harder for the little guys. Dougal and Padraig have earned many titles and are earned their championship in 2014. Congratulations and good luck to both boys!


Ken Finch and Blaze NAJ NA

Blaze came to Ken and Rosemary as a friend for Joy, their female sheltie. Blaze as his name indicates was full of energy and speed, perfect for agility. So Ken had his second agility dog!  They began training in 2010, and Blaze caught on quickly. Ken entered Blaze in an AKC FAST class in May of 2011 and he did great!  In March 2013, Blaze got his first Jumpers queue! Congratulations!

James and Kristen Davis and Slo Mo MX MXJ

James and Kristen decided to add a second dog in 2009, Slo Mo!  They began training him for agility right away and he loved it! Mo is now trialing in USDAA and AKC and earning placements and qualifications! Good luck Mo!
Carol Herrington and Sasha  MX  MXJ

Carol and Sasha began agility training with us in 2008 as an activity for Sasha. They were just having fun in our weekly classes until one week it all clicked for Sasha. She began to participate with vigor and attack the obstacles with speed and enthusiasm. So Carol began thinking about competing with Sasha. In the fall of 2010 Carol and Sasha entered their first agility trial. Sasha queued and came home with first place ribbons! She now has her Novice Standard title and two legs toward her Novice Jumpers title! Congratulations!
 Emma Metzger and Molly MXJ  MX NF

Emma is the youngest DogHaven student to compete in the agility ring! She and Molly have done a great job! They both have a great time and Emma is always positive and encouraging with Molly. Together they have earned their Open Jumpers title and  Standard titles! Congratulations!
Grattan Foy and Luna OAP OJP

Grattan and Luna entered their first AKC agility trial in Fletcher this month, 6/2009, and had two glorious runs. With perfect performances, they bought home two blue ribbons! Congratulations to both Grattan and Luna!
Stephan Moody and Kaleb  AX AXJ NF

Stephan and Kaleb started agility to help build Kaleb's confidence around people and other dogs. As Kaleb's confidence grew, so did his skills in agility. He began to love jumping and running with Stephan. So, earlier this year, 2010, Stephan and Kaleb entered their first match and did so well that they entered the next AKC trial that opened. They queued in one run after another. As of September, they have earned their Novice and Open titles in standard and jumpers with weaves! In December 2012, Kaleb was retired due to injuries. In 2014 Steph lost Kaleb due to an airway issue. He will be missed.

  Dolcie Peak and Rika AXP AJP

Dolcie first began training with DogHaven in 2005 with her Boxer, Kira. Dolcie really loved agility, but Kira was not as thrilled. In 2009, Dolcie sadly lost Kira to cancer. Two weeks later she found a dog wandering on the highway that looked so much like Kira that Dolcie felt that Kira had sent him to her to ease her pain. Thus she named him Rika, Kira rearranged. A little later Dolcie tried agility with Rika, and amazingly he loved it! After about a year of training, they entered their first agility trial and Rika excelled. So far they have earned their Open titles in both Preferred Jumpers and Standard! Congratulations to both of you! Kira approves!
Rika was injured in 2014 and had to be retired from agility. Be well. We miss you.

Laura Morefield and Cassius (Cassius Floats Like a Butterfly RN OAP OJP)

Laura's newest little boy began competing early in 2010. He loves agility and his mom, and is extremely willing to please. In his short career thus far Cash has earned his AKC preferred novice standard and jumpers titles! I am sure we will see more of this boy.


Valerie Aldred and ARCHX Mozart OFP OAP OJP CL4H  NAC RE URO3
Val and Mo have been training with DogHaven since 2004 in obedience and agility and they have become quite the team! Mozart has proven to be a great rally dog, earning many titles. Recently they have been trying their hand at agility, competing in local NADAC, CPE and AKC trials and have been in the ribbons! In only two trials they earned their AKC Novice Fast and Standard titles! Congratulations to Val and Mo and good luck in future trials!

Valerie Aldred and Piper
Val found Piper at a rescue in Myrtle Beach. In 3014, Piper began agility training and competed a few times in rally. She has also tried a little barn hunting. Good luck to Val and Piper in their many future adventures!
Susette Aquino and Marea (ADCH Manafi's Miracle of Life MX MXJ AAD)
Susette and her two dogs, Marea and Mochie moved to North Carolina from New York this year and began training with DogHaven right away. Marea is an accomplished agility dog in USDAA earning quite a few titles and has now started in AKC agility. Since joining us Susette and Marea have earned their Novice and Open titles in both Standard and Jumpers and are now working at the Excellent level. Susette is also handling one of our Dobermans, Roxie, and together they have earned her Open Jumpers title and two legs in Standard, leaving only one more leg to have her Open Standard title! Thank you Susette!

We are sad to say goodbye to Susette, Marea, Mochi, and Archie. They are moving to Michigan in June of 2010. We will really miss them.
Susette Aquino and Mochi
Mochi is Susette's second dog to compete. He started his career in USDAA and will be trying some AKC soon. He began with us about a year ago and is turning out to be a very competitive agility dog!
Donna Guyton and Jester (Touchstone's surely You Jest OA AXJ  AXP AJP)
Jester came to Donna a ready made agility dog with titles and ribbons, so now Donna has to catch up! They have been training together for about a year now and are becoming a great team. Donna entered Jester in an AKC trial in July 2008, and experienced her first rush of agility trialing. She is hooked! Good luck to both Donna and Jester in the future!
Carol Slavick and Sylvia  AX AXJ

Carol and Sylvia joined DogHaven after moving to NC from Minnesota. They have been perfecting their running style and have become quite a good team. Sylvia entered her first trial in 2012 and has been queuing at every trial. They have now earned their excellent titles  Congratulations! 
Carol and Sylvia moved to Virginia to be with family. We will miss you both.
   Leslie Sprick and Gracie OAJ NA

Leslie and Gracie started with DogHaven in our Beginner Obedience class. Gracie was very shy of both people and dogs, so Leslie was hoping that obedience may help. Gracie improved so much that we thought that Agility may give her more confidence and build their relationship. Gracie loved agility. She became outgoing, confident and quite fast on the courses. So, Leslie thought she may try to give Gracie one more experience, an agility trial. They entered a local AKC trial in March of 2012 just for fun and ended up with a first place ribbon!!!  Since then Gracie earned her Open Jumpers title! Congratulations to the team!
  Laura Morefield and Ditto ( Razor's Mini-Me Ditto AXP AJP)
Laura, Dwayne and Ditto have been training for this big event for a year now! Laura and Ditto entered the 2008 Concord AKC agility trial and came home with two first place ribbons!!! Since then they have gone on to earn their novice and open level titles! They are an awesome team and will do well in everything they do. Congratulations!!

In 2010, Laura retired Ditto at 10 years old. His arthritis began to take the fun out of the run. We will miss seeing the two of them in the ring.

Darius Holloway, Bob Young and Kaz (Ch Simcha's Kazmisha CD NAJ NJP NAP)
Darius, Bob and Kaz began training with us in 2008. Kaz has a wonderful attitude on life and expresses it  boldly every time he runs. In January 2009, Darius and Kaz earned their AKC novice jumpers title with a first place ribbon! Since then they moved Kaz to preferred and earned their novice preferred jumpers title and two legs toward their novice preferred standard title! We are very proud of the progress that they have made. Congratulations!!

Bob and Darius lost Kaz Christmas morning, 2011. We will always remember Kaz and the joy that he brought all of us.

June Evans and Chase (Misty Mt. Chase the Clouds RN OAP OJP)
June and Chase starting agility training with us in 2007 and rapidly progressed in skill levels. They entered their first AKC agility trial in October 2008 and earned a first place ribbon in JWW! June retired Chase in the spring of 2013. She is on to her herding career! Congratulations to both of you!

Elizabeth Zembry and Guyo (Shoreland's Gallo De Los Zembry's NF NJP NFP)

In 2009 Elizabeth chose Guyo to be the next member of her agility family, joining the Aussies Paisley and Penny. Guyo loved agility and began showing promise almost immediately. When Guyo was 18 months old, Elizabeth decided to enter their first trial to see how Guyo would do. He did great!  Together they have two first place ribbons in Novice Fast! Elizabeth is going to have many years of agility fun with Guyo! Congratulations and good luck in your future runs!
  Becky Bichlmier and Riley MX MXJ

Becky and Riley began training with us in 2009 soon after moving to North Carolina. Riley was a very consistent dog who was exceedingly responsive to Becky which made them a very competitive team. Sadly, Becky lost Riley to cancer in January of 2011. We are very sorry for her loss of this great agility dog.

Jaclyn Doody and Storm OA OAJ NF

Jacyn moved to North Carolina with her parents in 2009 and began training with us soon thereafter. Jaclyn and Storm had some previous training so it didn't take long for them to begin competing. After a fun match last fall, they decided to enter their first AKC trial.  Only two trials later they have earned their Novice Jumpers, Novice Standard and Novice Fast titles!Congratulations to a great team!
Jaclyn has gone off to college so Storm is retired as of 2012.
C J Heald and Sasha

CJ and Sasha began training with DogHaven in 2009. Sasha is a fast little girl that is as agile as a deer. They began trialing in NADAC and in October of 2010 and qualified, bringing home placement ribbons as well! Congratulations!  CJ lost Sasha at only 5 years old to a mass on her liver. We will always remember that sweet girl.

Jean and Abby (Sacred Hearts of Heinerburg HT NAP NJP AX AXJ)

Jean and Abbey started trialing in 2006 and earned their novice titles almost immediately! Abbey is a very honest dog and always wants to please. They have a great future ahead of them!

Craig Kuhstoss and Bailey (Bailey NAP NJP PS1 PJ1 NAC TN-N)

Craig and Bailey started training in agility with us in 2005. Because of their incredible ability to work as a team, they advanced quickly as they gained knowledge and skills. They have successfully competed in NADAC, USDAA, and AKC earning their Performance I Standard title, Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers titles along with several first place ribbons.  They are still actively competing in these venues and have a great future ahead of them.


Jan Frick and Traveler (Kachina's Time Traveler AX OAJ)

Jan and Traveler have been with us since 2005. They are having the time of their lives in the ring. Traveler wants to please and has a great time doing it. Jan and Traveler earned their AKC Novice Standard and Jumpers titles this year (2007) and have moved on to the AKC Open level. They are also competing in NADAC trials.

Due to injury, Jan had to retire Travie from agility in 2009. She is now training Travie's sister Daisy for agility. We hope to see her in the ring soon.

Elizabeth Zembry and Paisley (Zembry's Red Paisley RAE AX OAJ AXP AJP)

Paisley and Elizabeth have been training with us since 2004. They earned their AKC Open level titles in 2007 and have recently been competing at the Excellent level. Due to a great job opportunity, Elizabeth and her two dogs, Paisley and Penny, will be moving to South Carolina in February 2008. We wish them the best of luck and hope to see them at the trials!


    Elizabeth Zembry and Penny (Zembry's Pretty Penny RE NA NAJ)
Penny was found wandering in South Carolina. She was looking for a family that would lover her and welcome her to their home. When Elizabeth went to see her, there was no question. Penny went home with Elizabeth. Since that time, Penny began working in Rally and Agility and entered her first agility trial in January of 2009 where she earned legs toward her novice standard and jumpers titles and even placed in the ribbons! Congratulations Penny and Elizabeth!



Jean Tuttle and Deacon (PAM Jericho's Braveheart RN HT OAP AJP NA NAJ)

Jean and Deacon started training for agility in 2004. They have earned their AKC novice and open titles in a very short time. Deacon did very well at the German Shepherd Nationals in 2006 earning many first place ribbons and trophies. In 2008 Deacon has earned two legs toward his Excellent Jumper's title and has placed first in both runs! Jean and Deacon are also pursuing a herding career. Jean lost Deacon in 2012. He will be missed greatly.


 Christine Lamano and Jack (Christmas Gallant Jack NA NAJ OF RN CGC)
Jack is a fireball on wheels, and it takes everything that Christine has to keep him pointed in the right direction. Christine and Jack have been training with us in agility since 2006 and they just started competing in both NADAC and AKC trials. In the 2008 Concord trial Jack and Christine earned two jumpers legs and a first and second place ribbon! Since then they have earned both of their novice titles and are working in Open! They will be a team to watch! Congratulations!