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Agility is one of the fastest sports in the U.S. today. Its purpose is to afford owners the opportunity to demonstrate a dog's willingness to work with his handler under a variety of conditions. It requires dogs to achieve higher levels of training and interaction with their handlers, and results in a better rounded and conditioned dog. Agility is also a great outlet for all there energy!

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When participating in agility, the dog and handler team must successfully negotiate a course of 13 to 20 obstacles that may include a chute, dog-walk, a-frame, teeter, weave poles, pause table, tunnel or six different types of jumps. The course direction is predetermined and must be followed by the dog and handler with a minimum of mistakes within a   predetermined time.

DogHaven offers a variety of group agility classes for dogs and handlers of all ages and skills. Group classes include six weeks of one hour lessons for beginner, intermediate, advance and competition level students.

Handling Foundation 1 classes focus on body awareness, strength, stretching and proprioception. Some basic agility equipment will be used along with balance discs, balls and perches. Foundation groundwork for handler and dog will also be introduced. Beginner 1 and 2 are pre-reqs for this class.

Handling Foundations 2 and 3 are a continance of the skills developed in handling 1. The class will develop handler and dog skills on jumps, contacts and weaves. Jump skills include wrap, around, out, swing, and switch. Impulse control is addressed on the start line and table. 2x2 weave training and stopped contacts are introduced and proofed with distance, duration and distraction.

In the Beginner classes, we teach you and your dog to negotiate the equipment, and we begin sequence training. By the last class you will be running a full course! AND, there are no prereqs to get started.

The Intermediate classes focus on the handler. Movement through the courses using crosses and timely turns will be covered.

Advanced level classes address strategy, lines and patterns to run an efficient, fast course.

In the Competiton classes, course challenges are presented that will be seen at trials. Handling is addressed to meet these challenges.

No dog is too young or too old for agility. All breeds are welcome. Puppies may begin their training after they are six months old.

Check our Schedule page for a list of current classes.

Please review the DogHaven class cancellation and refund policy.