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 Sharee Muench and PAX Birdie

Sharee and Birdie got that last double queue in Waynesville on September 24th, 2016 to earn their PAX! Congratulations!

Christine Lamano and MACH Christmas' Bohemian Rhapsady CGC

Christine and Freddie have a rhythm. They qualify almost every time they step into the ring. Only running one day each time they trialed, they earned their MACH in a very short time. This is extrordinary! Congratulations!

Ken Finch and MACH  PACH Jumpin for Joy

Ken and Joy have done it again! This time in the preferred arena. Joy earned her PACH in Concord on November 14th at 12 years old! Congratulations!!
Toni Moody and MACH Reese

After Stef began running Kaleb, Toni wanted a dog to run. In 2011 she looked in rescue and found Reese. They began training and quickly started to trial. They earned title after title. In 2015 Toni and Reese earned their MACH! Congratulations to a great team.
Stephan Moody and MACH2 Jack

After retiring Kaleb, Stephan started the hunt for a new agility dog. He interviewed many perspective applicants before accepting Jack into their home. Jack came to live with Steph and Tony in 2012. His agility training began almost immediately. Steph wasted no time with this boy! In October 2013 Jack earned his first queue in AKC Novice Jumpers and a first place to boot! Only a year later they earned their championship title, MACH! One year later, MACH2!  Congratulations!

Emma Metzger and Will (Ch MACH3 Shoreland Wingmender)

Emma and Will began running together in 2011. Will was a seasoned agility dog so he was perfect for Emma. He taught her many things about distance and timing. In 2015 they earned Will's MACH 3.  Emma is the youngest member of DogHaven to have earned an agility championship title! Will is now in retirement and enjoying every moment. Congratulations to this awesome team!
Julia Hahn and MACH Jersey

Julie and Jersey moved to the carolinas from New Jersey in 2012 and started training with us soon thereafter. Jersey had already earned his novice titles, so we began developing his skills for the challenges that come with Open and Excellent courses. In 2014 Julie and Jersey earned their MACH! How awesome! Congratulations!
Ken Finch and MACH Jumpin for Joy

Ken adopted Joy in 2007. After being introduced to agility while watching a demo, Ken decided to give it a try. He began taking classes right away and six years later they have their MACH!  They had a wonderful journey together with Joy teaching Ken the ropes. Joy had had some previous training and Ken had the puzzle of figuring out just what she knew and the right words to get her to do it!  In October of 2013 they celebrated that last run that they had been chasing for their MACH. Congratulations!

James and Kristen Davis and MACH Harley OF PD2 PJ3

James and Kristen began trialing Harley in USDAA in 2008. In 2010 AKC opened up performance events to the mixed breeds, all Americans, so James and Kristen started competing in AKC events that year. They had to start from the beginning even though Harley was accomplished in USDAA. Harley quickly moved through the levels of difficulty earning titles quickly. In August of 2013 James and Harley earned their MACH (Master Agility
Championship)!  Congratulations in earning this esteemed title!

Lynn Mitro and Clem (CH RAE Eagle River Oh My Darling "Clementine" RN BN CD CGC JH AXJ NF NFP VCA

In 2012 Clem earned her Versatility Title from the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America. To be given this title, a dog has to have breed points and two  performance titles (obedience, agility, tracking or hunt).
And Clem exceeded expectations. Congratulations!

In 2013 Clem earned her RAE, Rally Championship.

Sharee Muench and Birdie MXP AJP CTL-1F CLT1-S CTL2-R CTL1-H

Birdie qualified for the 2012 AKC Agility Invitationals in Florida!

Only the five top dogs in each breed are invited to compete in this prestigious event. What an honor! Congratulations!

Katie Flatt and MACH II Callie 

Callie earned her MACH on November 17th 2011 and her MACH II on August 8th 2014! Congratulations Katie and Callie in earning our first DogHaven MACH!!!  Congratulations!!!  What a momentous occasion!

Marylou Kuklentz and Annabel (RAE ARCHMX Annabel  TDIAOV P4p RAD)

Annabel Lee, our twelve and a half year old rescue, earned her Master Championship title (ARCHMX) in Rally Obedience at the World Cynosport (formerley APDT) trial this past weekend (Jan 25, 2014).   This is the fourth level championship title and only one other Scottie in this venue has earned this high level title.  Annabel was rescued when she was guessed to be two and a half years old from Scottie Rescue of Greater Washington DC.  She has excelled in everything we have asked of her - she has her RAE (Championship Rally Obedience title in AKC), is titled in UKC Rally Obedience (UR02) and she has been a therapy dog for about eight years.  She has given us so  much joy and has shared that joy with others as a therapy dog.  She is living proof of what a Scottie can do when she receives love and care.   We are so proud of her accomplishments.   We thank DogHaven for helping us train her to be all she was meant to be.  Marylou

MaryLou Kuklentz and Maddie (C-ATCH Maddie O'Hare RA CL1 CL3 OA OAJ AXP AJP OFP NV P4p RAD CGC)

Maddie qualified for CPE Agility Nationals in 2011 and 2014!
She received her CPE Championship in 2013

 Val Aldred and Mozart (ARCHX Mozart  RE OFP OAP OJP   CL4-H NAC URO3)

Mozart earned his APDT championship and qualified for CPE Agility Nationals in 2011 and was #9 in the nation for APDT Rally. He qualified again in 2012, 2013 and 2014 for CPE Nationals.

James and Kristen Davis and Harley MX MXJ OF PD2 PJ3

Harley qualified for USDAA Agility Nationals in 2010!

Elizabeth Zembry and Paisley (Zembry's Red Paisley RAE2 AX OAJ OAP OJP)

On February 15, 2008 Elizabeth and Paisley earned their RAE title and in 2011 their RAE2 title!!!  Congratulations!

Hisako Dorsch and Alex (Alexander Ishiguro Dorsch RAE)

In February 2010, Hisako and Alex earned their RAE title!

This page was created to recognize our students who have worked hard to attain championship titles or who have been recognized as a top competitor by a performance organization.

    RAE    - Highest AKC Rally title
    ARCH - APDT Rally Championship
ARCHX - APDT Rally Champion Excellent
ARCHMX -  APDT Rally Mater Champion
    MACH - AKC Agility Championship
PACH - AKC Agility Preferred Championship
PAX - AKC Agility Preferred Championship
C-ATCH -  CPE Agility Championship







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