Puppy Manners is the next step for your puppy. We take the basic training from our puppy ABC class or any other previous training and take it to the next level. The class further develops leash walking, social behavior on leash, distance and distraction training. Our final class will include a walk in the park using all of the skills that we have developed for a polite, well mannered experience.

Mind Your Manners -
a real-life based basic manners at home class for dogs 1 year and up.
This class we will address concerns that involve every day living in your home: sitting for the leash, polite walking, staying on a pet bed, coming with distractions and more! This class is meant for newly aquired dogs that may have had no or very little obedience training before they came to live with you.

Urban Dog -
a real-life based basic manners in public class. All students must have passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test before joining. 
This class will focus on proper behavior in public places. We will prefect our skills and then visit businesses and take walks in town. In our last class we will offer the AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen test. (test requirements can be found on the following link:


Rally is an advanced level obedience class. Rally will strengthen and grow your dog's current skills while developing a better handler-dog working relationship. It is also a competitive sport in AKC and USDAA where your dog cah earn titles and ribbons.

The Intermediate Group Class
is designed to reinforce your dog's basic training by adding duration, distractions and to provide socialization in a structured class format. Class curriculum also includes the elements of the AKC Canie Good Citizenship program. The CGC test is given once a year.

Please review the DogHaven class cancellation and refund policy.

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DogHaven also offers eight different group classes: Puppy ABC, Puppy Manners, Beginner Obedience Group, Mind Your Manners (at home obedience), Urban Dog (manners away from home), Intermediate Group and Rally. 

Puppy ABC's combines real life situations with basic obedience training to help the adolescent puppy work through life at home. Off leash training is simulated so that the pup learns to choose to be with you.

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Obedience training begins at a young age and continues through the life of a dog.  A dog is never too young or too old to learn! That's why DogHaven offers training for dogs of all ages. We believe it is a necessary part of a happy and enjoyable life for you and your dog.

DogHaven offers private training in your home, group classes and problem resolution for behavioral issues.

Private lessons are scheduled when it is convenient for you. Together you and your trainer will form a training plan based upon your goals and the needs of your dog.



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