Mind Your Manners -a real-life based basic manners at home class.
Tired of your dog jumping around when you are trying to put his leash on? Tired of a dog who drags you out the door and down the street for a walk? A dog who can’t turn off when you need to get a little work done or enjoy a bit of TV? Is your home a madhouse at dinner time? If your dog’s behavior has got you a bit frustrated or embarrassed, or if you just want a little more politeness at home, this class is for you.   

Let's Go Public - a real-life based basic manners in public class.
Would you like a dog that can greet your company politely, wait politely to exit the car, take enjoyable walks and go places with you?  This class is for you! We will visit different places and practice our skills in public!

is an advanced level obedience class. Rally will strengthen and grow your dog's current skills while developing a better handler-dog working relationship. It is also a competitive sport in AKC and USDAA where your dog cah earn titles and ribbons.

The Intermediate Group Class
is designed to reinforce your dog's basic training by adding distractions and to provide socialization in a structured class format. Class curriculum also includes the elements of the AKC Canie Good Citizenship program. The CGC test is given twice a year.

Please review the DogHaven class cancellation and refund policy.

Check our current schedule of class offerings!

DogHaven also offers five different group classes: the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy class, Beginner Obedience Group, Mind Your Manners (at home obedience), Let's Go Public (manners away from home), Intermediate Group and Rally. 

In the Puppy Social,  your puppy will enjoy socialization with other puppies and people. We will play games, introduce the pups to a variety of stimulus, and teach a few obedience concepts. Pups are off leash and learn to respond without the constant tug of a leash. This class meets every Saturday as a drop in class.

Puppy ABC's combines real life situations with basic obedience training to help the adolescent puppy work through life at home. Off leash training is simulated so that the pup learns to choose to be with you.

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Obedience training begins at a young age and continues through the life of a dog.  A dog is never too young or too old to learn! That's why DogHaven offers training for dogs of all ages. We believe it is a necessary part of a happy and enjoyable life for you and your dog.

DogHaven offers private training in your home, group classes and problem resolution for behavioral issues.

Private lessons are scheduled when it is convenient for you. Together you and your trainer will form a training plan based upon your goals and the needs of your dog.







Elizabeth Zembry and Paisley
Val Aldred and Woofie
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