Cancellation Policy

All classes are included in this policy except Intermediate Obedience Group that meets on Saturdays.

If a scheduled class is cancelled due to weather, the class will be made up by extending the final class date one week. All six classes will be offered.

If you miss a class due to a conflict in your schedule, the class can't be made up unless you schedule a private lesson with the instructor. 

Refund Policy

If a client requests a refund prior to the class start date, the full amount will be refunded.

If a class has started, we will refund the class fee up to three business days following the class start date if no classes have been attended. After the third business day, no refunds will be given.  If the client has a medical reason or a family emergency, a refund may be issued minus a $25 cancellation fee.

If a client can't attend a class session after the class has begun, in lieu of a refund, we will apply the full registration fee toward another class within the next year.